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  1. Bahamas-Based Deltec Bank Holds a 'Large' Bitcoin PositionBahamas-based Deltec Bank & Trust said during a recent video review that it’s holding a “large position” in bitcoin. The information was given by their chief investment officer, Hugo Rogers. Deltec Executive Discusses Bitcoin Position According to the video uploaded to the bank’s Youtube channel, Deltec’s large position in bitcoin (BTC) has brought “a lot […]
  2. TNABC Miami's Eighth Annual Conference Goes Virtual, Event Underscores Technology's Important RoleOn January 28-29, 2021, The North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC) is preparing to kick off its eighth exhibition with another cryptocurrency and blockchain-focused event. The event organizers have lined up more speakers than ever, as this year’s TNABC is going to be 100% virtual due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. TNABC’s creators say that this […]
  3. French Computer Programmer Sent Bitcoin Donations to Far-Right Activists in 2020 Who Participated in the US Capitol RiotsA crypto forensic analysis reveals that a French donor sent over $500,000 worth of bitcoin (BTC) to far-right activists in the United States. The half-million dollars went to the groups that took part in the pro-Trump riots in the U.S. Capitol. Alt-Right Personalities and Websites Are Included on the List of Recipients According to Chainalysis, […]
  4. Venezuelan President Maduro Promises 2021 Will Be the Year to Boost Usage of PetroThe Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro, has claimed that 2021 will be the year of the state-backed petro (PTR) token. He also promised to boost a “100% national digital economy” agenda through a “complete digitalization process.” 77% of Trade Transactions in Venezuela Are Made via Digital Solutions in Bolivar During an annual speech at the National […]
  5. $100 Swaps: Ethereum Dex Volumes Saw $39 Billion Last Month Despite 'Insane' Trading FeesDuring the last 12 months, Ethereum-based decentralized finance (defi) solutions and decentralized exchange (dex) platforms have been very popular. Dex applications, in particular, have seen massive demand and during the last 30 days, dex trade volumes have reached $39 billion in swaps. However, one of the biggest issues confronting dex users continues to be the […]
  6. On January 14, Ian Smith, the co-owner of the Atilis Gym in New Jersey appeared on Fox News with the news anchor, Tucker Carlson, and discussed his battle with the state of New Jersey’s coronavirus lockdown orders. Smith and his business partner have defied the state’s lockdown orders and remained open for months. The Bellmawr […]
  7. Argentine Billionaire Marcos Galperin Says Bitcoin a 'Better Store of Value Than Gold' as Officials Plan to Print More PesosArgentine billionaire and CEO of the e-commerce platform Mercado Libre, Marcos Galperin says bitcoin is a better store of value than gold. However, the billionaire thinks the crypto will not replace fiat currency due to what he terms the high “energy cost required to process its transfers.” Bitcoin Mining Energy Consumption Misconception Galperin, who has […]
  8. Crypto Exchange Owner Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison for Multimillion-Dollar Scheme to Defraud AmericansThe U.S. has sentenced a cryptocurrency exchange owner to 10 years in prison. He “knowingly and intentionally engaged in business practices designed to both assist fraudsters in laundering the proceeds of their fraud and to shield himself from criminal liability,” the Department of Justice alleges. Crypto Exchange Owner Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison The […]
  9. Man Accidentally Threw Away Hard Drive With 7,500 Bitcoins, Offers City $72 Million to Search LandfillA man has accidentally thrown away a hard drive containing 7,500 bitcoins. He is now offering his city 25% of the value of the bitcoins stored in the hard drive for permission to search the city’s landfill site. His bitcoins are now worth almost $300 million at the current price. In Search of Hard Drive […]
  10. Former Coinnest CEO to Spend 18-Month-Long Jail Term for Accepting Bitcoin Bribes to List a CryptocurrencyA South Korean court has sentenced the former CEO of the defunct crypto exchange Coinnest to 18 months in prison. The court also fined him over $61,000, who also was charged for fraud in 2020. Prosecutors Accused Coinnest Executives of Receiving 110 BTC in Bribes According to Fn News, the Supreme Court of Korea determined […]