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  1. A newly-appointed financial regulator in Japan said this week that introducing laws and regulations for Bitcoin trading would impede technical innovation while supporting purely speculative gains, according to Reuters.

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  2. We sat down with Alex Batlin, founder and CEO of Trustology—an award-winning custodial wallet provider — to get his perspective on the decentralised finance (DeFi) sector, and why Trustology is in a prime position to facilitate institutional entry into the industry.

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  3. Although decentralized finance (DeFi) has been seeing consistently strong growth, the gains in this Ethereum market sector have somewhat subsided over recent weeks.

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  4. Ethereum Classic (ETC), the fork or version of the Ethereum protocol that didn’t freeze the funds of the infamous DAO hack, has been under the spotlight over the past week.

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  5. JPMorgan made headlines earlier this year when they announced an initiative called JPM Coin – which is a crypto token that the bank can use to make instantaneous transfers between global parties.

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  6. In 2017, Coinbase’s influence over the crypto market was tremendous, with the exchange originally only offering access to select few crypto assets.

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  7. To the credit of Mike McGlone, a senior commodity analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence, he called a Bitcoin breakout towards $13,000 when few expected it.

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  8. CryptoSlate readers can now enjoy real-time, critical data for thousands of cryptocurrencies listed on our website — courtesy an addition of Coinpaprika’s API to our existing data providers.

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  9. By most measures, Ethereum’s decentralized finance (DeFi) space is going parabolic.

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  10. Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex will begin listing ADA on its spot exchange.

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