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  1. The break of the $4,200 resistance level represented a pivot point for bitcoin. Many respected analysts believe the bottom is in for BTC, while a few others predict it could sustain more losses. Whether the former or the latter is right, it’s noticeable that optimism is growing among investors as the market continues to surge—the […]

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  2. With the cryptocurrency market now increasingly in the green, it seems that every coin in the market is a winner. There seem to be a few outliers when it comes to year-to-date gains. Read on for five major cryptocurrencies that have seen their prices surge more than 200 percent since the beginning of the year. […]

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  3. Regardless of how cryptocurrency prices are performing in the open marketplace, there is much going on behind the scenes. Whether its interest from innovative startups, blue-chip companies or national regulators–the blockchain industry is as hot as ever. As such, this year is once again going to be jam-packed with top-grade cryptocurrency and blockchain technology conferences. […]

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  4. Since bitcoin’s epic rally in April, the cryptocurrency has recaptured its position as one of the best-performing assets in year-to-date yield. Currently, BTC is outperforming mainstream tradable assets—including the Nasdaq, S&P 500, real estate, oil, and gold. Bitcoin Shows Outstanding YTD Performance Bitcoin had an epic rally in the first week of April, surging from […]

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  5. With several large projects racing to overtake Ethereum as the leading smart contract blockchain NEO frequently pops up as a front runner. While many call the project the “Chinese Ethereum,” recent data shows that the ambitious project still has a long way to go before it can challenge the incumbent. The Future of NEO Once […]

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  6. Chris Burniske—former crypto lead at ARK Invest and a partner at Placeholder, a crypto venture capital partnership based in New York with $150 million in capital under management—believes the market cap of bitcoin will surpass $1 trillion during the next bull market. Looking at the top 10 cryptoassets at the end of each year makes […]

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  7. Binance has set its sights on usurping Ethereum with its new protocol blockchain. Since its launch, Binance Chain has attracted coins away from competitors, pumping the value of coins that switch. Could the “Binance Chain effect” be the new Coinbase effect? Since its announcement in 2018, Binance Chain has been one of the most highly anticipated projects in […]

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  8. Craig Wright, the chief scientist at NChain and self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator, has filed a libel suit in the UK against Peter McCormack. The “What Bitcoin Did” podcaster has been accused of writing a series of libelous tweets about Wright in March and April, denying that Wright was, in fact, Satoshi Nakamoto. The Craig Wright Satoshi […]

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  9. On Apr. 19, following the highly anticipated debut of the Binance Chain mainnet, the price of Binance Coin (BNB) surged by 10 percent against the US dollar, becoming the second crypto asset (after EOS in May 2018) since 2017 to achieve an all-time high. Other crypto assets that come close to BNB, digital assets created […]

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  10. Bakkt, an institutional cryptocurrency trading platform led by the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), is reportedly considering obtaining a New York BitLicense. Because the CFTC is reluctant to approve its bitcoin futures, sources close to the matter said that Bakkt believes the New York license will help ease the Commission’s concerns. Bakkt Faces Issues with US Regulators […]

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