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  1. Coinbase has shut down its political action committee after 10 months without raising any funds or backing any candidates.
  2. Crypto exchange Bittrex says New York regulators erred in identifying two of its users as North Korean.
  3. Frank Timis, a convicted heroin dealer and oil millionaire, is trying to oust execs at the London-listed crypto mining firm Argo Blockchain.
  4. Speaking generally about crypto regulation, the CFTC’s chairman offered clues about the delay at bitcoin futures exchange Bakkt.
  5. Bitcoin spenders can use the lightning network to shop at e-commerce sites like Amazon, thanks to a new browser extension.
  6. Japanese crypto exchange Zaif, which was hacked for $60 million last year, is reinstating all services after being acquired by investment firm Fisco.
  7. With the widely-followed RSI now signaling a long-term bullish reversal, bitcoin may rally to $6,000 over the next month or two.
  8. Serena Williams, one of the most successful tennis players ever, has revealed she invested in Coinbase via a previously secret VC firm.
  9. Investment bank JPMorgan is reportedly expanding an existing blockchain platform with hundreds of banking members to include settlement.
  10. The controversy over delisting bitcoin SV shows why crypto exchanges need more consistent standards and rules.
  11. Early bitcoin developer Stefan Thomas recalls his early obsession with programmable cryptocurrency.
  12. CoinDesk's Noelle Acheson looks at anti-money laundering regulation’s increasing focus on cryptocurrencies, and at the opportunity this presents.