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  1. 2019 has been a great year for the gold price. But the yellow metal's rally is far from over and here are five reasons why.

    5 Key Reasons Why Gold’s Price is Set to Skyrocket in 2020 by

  2. Bitcoin's slow grind higher continued on Monday, as the price approached $7,700 for the first time in over three weeks.

    Bitcoin’s $1,000 Recovery Ahead of Christmas Has Some Traders Optimistic by

  3. Billionaire Elon Musk dropped on a bombshell on Twitter that he will be bankrupt if SpaceX and Tesla go under, but is it true?

    Elon Musk Bombshell: ‘If Tesla and SpaceX go bankrupt, so will I” by

  4. In what is bound to raise eyebrows about his future plans, co-founder Travis Kalanick has sold a massive chunk of his stake in Uber.

    $2.5 Billion Dump: Travis Kalanick Has Sold 92% of His Uber Shares by

  5. Five leading indicators suggest the U.S. economy is poised to continue delivering strong growth going into the new year.

    5 Indicators That Point to a Happy New Year for the U.S. Economy by

  6. Dow futures rose on Sunday evening, even as the US and China traded more verbal attacks over the trade war and Hong Kong.

    Dow Futures Rise as US & China Trade Verbal Attacks by

  7. Boeing is readying the Dubai airshow, but it continues to face backlash for the two 737 Max jet disasters. Investors have been giving Boeing the benefit of the doubt, but regulators and the general public have not. Boeing will face fierce competition on Sunday at the 2019 Dubai Airshow, where it will attempt to save […]

    Embattled Boeing Seeks to Regain Trust Ahead of

  8. The People’s Bank of China addresses rumors about its digital currency launching in Q1 2020. Speculations mount about the government-backed cryptocurrency. A few details are known about the upcoming digital renminbi. The People’s Bank of China has made an official statement to refute reports of an impending digital currency launch. This was meant to brush […]

    China Clarifies Digital Currency

  9. An “NBA draft bust” coming into 2019-20, Andrew Wiggins is playing the best basketball of his career. Long inefficient, he’s reaping the benefits of Minnesota’s new reliance on analytics. The sample size is small, but his early-season play seems sustainable. The first 46 minutes of Andrew Wiggins’ sixth NBA season all but ensured this one […]


  10. There’s a good chance that stocks finish 2019 with a powerful rally. Catalysts include positive seasonality, strong market breadth, bearish sentiment, desperate fund managers, and a more dovish FOMC. Fear of recession and a poor outcome to the trade war have led investors to remain on the sidelines; both factors could now become tailwinds. A […]

    Expect a Massive Year-End Rally for

  11. Mattress Mack, a Houston-area furniture salesman, had around $13 million in bets on the Houston Astros. The winnings would have covered his losses in a furniture promotion he ran in conjunction with the team’s World Series aspirations. He spent much of the last month flying around the country to various sportsbooks, placing bets. But will […]

    Mattress Mack Loses

  12. HBO has cancelled a hotly anticipated Game of Thrones prequel starring Naomi Watts. This may prove to be the right call for a nervous network dealing with the fallout from GoT’s polarizing final season. The network just ordered 10 episodes of “House of the Dragon” to ensure mainstream appeal and help it survive the upcoming […]

    HBO Made the Right Call Icing Naomi