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  1. Bitcoin futures leverage is dropping steeply, indicating that traders are fearful or uncertain about the BTC price trend.

  2. Bitcoin promised to create a new normal in finance, but it turned out to be nothing but the old normal with a new face.

  3. The yuan is not seen as a major currency. Could digitizing it change that? China is breaking new ground in the Shenzhen region and beyond.

  4. Bitcoin’s lower support retest was bought up by bulls, preparing BTC for another push to $40,000.

  5. Another way to buy Bitcoin in stock form has surfaced.

  6. Accompanying the presidential transition are some major questions about the role of social media in society and politics.

  7. Altcoins have entered a slight correction after Bitcoin's relief rally lost steam and the price dropped below $35,000.

  8. Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson predicts that the DeFi revolution will take place in the developing world.

  9. Foundry Digital and Blockdaemon are backing the launch of Stacks 2.0.

  10. Filing 2020 taxes may be slightly less complicated for Coinbase users than it was before.

  11. Experts weigh in on the main events from 2020 that impacted Bitcoin’s price the most.

  12. Veteran financial advisor Neil Liversidge came to the U.K. Government and Parliament with a petition to ban crypto transactions.