1. According to TMZ, world-renowned boxing champion Floyd Mayweather and famed record producer DJ Khaled are dealing with the fallout of a class action lawsuit due to their involvement with Centra Tech’s CTR token, a crypto asset the suit claims is a scam that cost investors millions of dollars. Their Role Mayweather and Khaled both promoted the […]

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  2. Cryptocurrency advocate and billionaire investor Mike Novogratz says Tether’s recent troubles are its own fault, and that a lack of transparency is mainly to blame for investors losing faith in the stablecoin. Billionaire investor Mike Novogratz, one of the best-known advocates of cryptocurrencies, blamed controversial "stable coin" Tether for its own recent woes […]

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  3. Docademic, the healthcare company that lets anyone talk to a doctor or psychologist through their mobile device and uses a proprietary token for its own healthcare payment system, has expanded its resources by partnering with eye care company Devlyn. Expanding the Network On Thursday Docademic stated on Twitter: “We are confident that working with Devlyn and […]

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  4. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), one of two major providers of Bitcoin Futures in the U.S., revealed trade volumes increased 41 percent in Q3 2018 with interest rates up by 19 percent. Booming Bitcoin Futures Market While the retail cryptocurrency market has taken a downturn in 2018, the institutional-focussed Bitcoin futures market seems to be […]

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  5. On Oct. 16, in a bid to draw investors by providing a proven source of conflict-free minerals, Rwanda mining authorities announced a blockchain network to track the mineral tantalum – which is used in manufacturing most electronics such as mobile phones. Rwanda announces world's first blockchain project to track tantalum from the pit-face to the […]

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  6. Journalism startup Civil is pulling the plug on its much-hyped Initial Coin Offering after it met only 13 percent of its fundraising target. However, the company noted its blockchain project is not shutting down any time soon. Civil’s ICO Debacle As reported by Fortune, the startup closed sales of its CVL token on Oct.15 after […]

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  7. Just days after blowing the lid off their new institutionally oriented cryptocurrency outfit, and Fidelity Investments has already bagged one of blockchain’s household names as its first client. And this client is Galaxy Digital — the multi-service, digital asset merchant bank headed up by billionaire Bitcoin bull Mike Novogratz — who will become the first […]

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  8. Economist Nouriel Roubini made headlines throughout the past two weeks for his condemnation of the cryptomarket and mischaracterization of high profile developers, entrepreneurs, and builders in the space. His overly aggressive attacks, which many considered to be out of character including Bollinger Bands creator John Bollinger, were bizarrely based on false information that was relatively […]

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  9. Deputy Director and Principal Technologist of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Miller Abel, tweeted on Monday that his organization would be partnering with Ripple Labs and Coil to explore ways to help get payment systems to the poor. He stated, “We are partnering w/ @ripple and @coil to implement the #Interledger Protocol & explore ways […]

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  10. A New Zealand developer sent two signed Bitcoin transactions to his girlfriend’s crypto wallet on Monday using only radio signals and a cheap smartphone while offline and not connected to a cell network. The farthest transaction was sent from 12.6 kilometers (7.8 miles) away. Over the weekend I sent a bitcoin transaction to a relay […]

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